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WAP4410N - resolutions for a new year...

"For 2010, I resolve not to crash every few hours..."

Hi all, I haven't posted in quite a while, but have been watching. The revelations of a new hardware version with the implied admission that V1 is defective, an underwhelming 'new' firmware that only offers slower performance in a trade for stability, and the glacial progress of these discussions have definitely been amusing. But I did want to weigh in with a few observations and repeat some feature requests.

1) RMA old units for V2 units. I have 10. Please be diligent and inform this community ASAP when the V2 units are available, and what procedure to follow to get RMAs processed.

2) Fix broken stuff. I think you might have fixed the 'some SAVE buttons don't survive reboot' problem, can anyone corroborate that?

3) There was a feature request for scheduled reboots in another thread. That's another crappy workaround idea, but how about a watchdog outbound ping that reboots only if the target goes silent? (I'm assuming the ethernet lockup is bidirectional.)

4) I made feature requests in a now ancient thread, I'll repeat my favorites. Add your own if you like.

- Status should be able to list connected clients with MAC and other fun statistics like which SSID/VLAN they are on. Otherwise it's hard to know if I'm interrupting anyone when I need to reboot.

- There should be a Site Survey function.

- True mesh networking! (OK, forget I said that!)

- Get rid of frames in the web GUI. Somehow I always end up stuck in a frame without the controls I need to change to another page. Not to mention the collapsable controls just require more mouse clicks to navigate. Pretty, but a functional step backward.

- Enhanced SYSLOG? How about periodic uptime reports, hourly or configurable? Provide uptime, client stats. If the uptime either reverts to zero or goes missing for a long time, my Splunk server could recognize that as a hang.

Here's hoping the WAP4410N can do in 2010 what it certainly failed to do in 2009!

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Re: WAP4410N - resolutions for a new year...

You can see the number of associated clients under Wireless >> Connection Control >> View Wireless Clients

That has been always there

See attached screenshot



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Re: WAP4410N - resolutions for a new year...

Ahh, it's never too late for a mea culpa! Since I wasn't interested in MAC filters, I never turned that on. That is helpful, thanks for the tip.

Now, in my defense, I'd love to see that link under Status/Wireless. Also some extra stats, like connection uptime, which VLAN/SSID, bytes transferred in AND out, whether it's b, g, or n, what encryption is in use, sock AND shoe size.  ;{)>

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Re: WAP4410N - resolutions for a new year...


That feature is only visable when the connection control is set to local.

It should be relocated.


Is there a CLI command for this feature?

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