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WAP4410N responding by adding external antennas


I have not done the firmware for the units yet but have had only 1 outage thus far (but I think it was a power issue over the weekend).

What I have done, 3 weeks ago, is put external antenna's on the 2 units which are 15 feet apart at 15dBi.

The output is 40hz and I changed the latency time settings on the main unit, leaving the secondary at factory.

This seems to be working for me so far. Usually goes down over the weekend and have to reset Mondays,

but not this week.  I am afraid of running the firmware because then it may become unstable again.

Hope this helps

or may make things worse for Cisco team.

Sorry Guys.

New Member

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Some good reports have come in. Not enough to satisfy me but they are promising.

shepner2000 -- How are you making out??

I am also interested in hearing any stories of improved reception and throughput.


Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hey Guys,

I´m from Brazil, and I have the same problem. I bought one WAP4410N, upgraded the f/w, but the problem still happen.

When someone copy one file over wirelless connection, this device stop to respond ICMP packets and all traffic stop too. My AP doesn´t stay 15 minutes available.

Someone know what happen? Cisco never did this before, It´s Microsoft thing. : - )

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Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Actually Microsoft has really improved in my book (I pretend Vista never existed). They are back to a quality company in my book. At least they don't release products without copy/cut/paste and caps lock (recently added). I have an iPhone, iPods and several Macs so I can say that. Windows 7 and Server 2008 are great products.

Adobe products are bloated slugs and Cisco has gone way downhill since aquiring Linksys. They should have worried more about more about product quality and less about branding, marketing and integrating the Linksys websites into Cisco's.

My two cents.

I'm stll on the fence about purchasing WAP4410s. Hopefully there's another firmware release in QA (QA -- hahahah -- now that's funny).

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hello All,

I fixed my WAP4410N with the follow procedure:

- Upgrade the F/w
- Restore the factory configuration (by hardware reset)
- Copy the file configuration
- Change the line secret_shown=1 to 0
- Upload the file configuration
- Configure basic setting
I hope that you can too.
Let me know if works.

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately the WAP4410N still with problems, now it respond ICMP request, but doesn´t keep the computers connected.

I´ll start the proccess to take my money back.

New Member

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

5 days and counting - NO problems since the firmware upgrade.

See my earlier post for my wireless setup.

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