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WAP4410n - Second SSID is seen by clients, but cannot connect

Hi, I have a WAP4410n which has been configured with a single SSID since implementation several weeks ago with no issues.  I am now trying to add a second SSID and not having any success.  Originally the second SSID was not being assigned a MAC address and thus not being broadcasted.  After upgrading firmware to I now see a MAC address associated with second SSID and it is being seen by clients, but they still cannot connect.  I reset the AP to default settings and reconfigured from scratch but still no luck.  I have two of these APs, the other one is still at FW rev and has same issue (it does have MAC address associated with second SSID so I didn't bother upgrading firmware yet).

I have tried a few different authetication options, including disabling authentication, to no avail.

Question - I do not see an IP address associated with the second SSID - is that the problem and if so, how do I fix that?

Any ideas as to how to resolve this issue?  thanks in advance.


Cisco Employee

WAP4410n - Second SSID is seen by clients, but cannot connect

Hey Glenn,

Have you tried this by choosing the option “AP Mode”? I tried in my LAB and it worked fine.

“AP mode” you will be able to connect on both the SSID (configured on the WAP4410N) simultaneously. You can enable or disable the security settings (for each SSID) as per your requirement; it will not create any problem in connecting on those SSID’s.

Note: Please Enable the SSID broadcast for both the SSID so that you can able to see both the SSID while you are searching for wireless network.

If you keep both the SSID on the default VLAN (VLAN 1) & also the AP Management VLAN is 1 then you will be able to access the network with same IP subnet (assigned on the VLAN 1). Also you can segregate both the SSID with different VLAN (if required).

If you have configured any DHCP server on the mentioned network then you will be able to get the IP via DHCP on your Wireless NIC else manual configuration is needed.

Best Regards,

Sujoy Kumar Paria

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