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WAP4410N stops responding with fw

Our WAP4410N also shipped with firmware version and is experiencing most of the problems reported in these discussion threads.  Keep in mind we have a very small branch office, and we use this as our only wireless AP.  The configuration is very very basic.

When I first set it up performance was absolutely *horrible* (I was going to throw it out) until I tried setting the Channel Bandwidth to 40MHz which brought it to life, albeit with the occasional dropouts being reported here.  Is this suppose to work at 20MHz?  I don't really care really, but just surprised at the out-of-the-box experience.

Once I figured this out, the next issues was that it seems it to have a hard time keeping linked-up with a 1000M fixed switch port (not auto-negotating, fixed).  If I set to 100M fixed then it goes a much longer period of time before dropping, but of course the performance is 10x slower (we do a lot of large file transfers), i.e. ~500Kbps vs. ~5Mbps.  Oh well.

So it still drops out at least once a day.  Sometimes unplugging/plugging the ethernet cord helps, other times a reboot is required.  I also tried using a UPS to stabilize power but that didn't help, probably has nothing to do with it in my case.  I also keep it very cool, no luck helping with dropouts.  I tried resetting to factory defaults several times, no luck either.  Tried turning off all secruity, etc., no luck.

The only thing I have not tried is re-flashing the firwmware, just don't believe that will help, unless someone here can tell me the online firwmware is actually different than the same version pre-installed.

Please help,


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