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WAP4410N stops responding with SRW2024

I have the same problem with my two WAP4410N connected to my Cisco SRW2024 Gigabit switch.

It appears that there would be a time where the PHY's between the WAP and the switch are hung.

The lights on the Gigabit switch are constantly flashing.

It is until I disconnect and reconnect the network cable between the WAP and the Gigabit switch

that the problem is momentarily solved.  Then it seems like another high traffic usage of the

WAP will cause the connection to hang.  This solutions is totally unacceptable as I am not

willing to open my wiring closet every time to fix this hang.  Also I've lost precious data

between my client and server because of this hang!

I don't think the problem is with the Gigabit switch as I have other Gigabit devices connected

to it and I never get them to hang like the WAP.

I saw on the release notes (although the firmware has not been posted) that there is a problem

with the WAP Gigabit PHY.  From the release notes, it seems the firmware will have an

option to take down the speed of the WAP Gigabit PHY from 1000BT to 100TX.

This would be a shame if this is the final solution as one main reason for purchasing the

WAP4410N is its Gigabit capability.

Being a networking PHY designer who had also worked on other Cisco products, I'm surprise

that this problem had not been resolved in their qualification and interoperability lab.

They should have been able to identify this problem quickly and provide the right fix.

Cisco please help!


Re: WAP4410N stops responding


I was made aware of this issue and the work around of setting copper port seed to 100 meg, just before X-mas.

(please note: the work around will not advertise 1000M options).

I didn't even question, if this would be fixed.

I also have, to coin a expression, have my fingers crossed that the 'fix'  will be expedient, but i have no date.

We both should check this community site to see if someone has already posed any extra information regarding this issue.

regards Dave

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