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WAP4410N V2 replacement

I called yesterday about getting my V2 RMA and they said that's fine.

I sent it in and I hope to get my replacement by next week.


Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hi FratianiD,

As of yesterday I was told that a flush has not been done of RMA stock.. My concern is that until V1 stock has been swapped out, you will only get another Version 1 as a  replacement.

I believe if we open the flood gates too soon, others may also get V1 back as a replacement rather than V2.

regards Dave

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Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Well, I didn't get that impression on the phone.

In any case, my unit should arrive to the RMA depot on Friday so maybe by then...

If they shaft me with a V1, I'll just have to RMA again.

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Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Thanks alot for your support here Dave.  It sure makes Cisco look good.

Please let us know when and how the RMA for V2 will occur.  I live in Canada so I am assuming it will be ok to send in from here.

In addition, is there a "white list" of switches the AP will work with?  I currently have the WAP4410N attacked to a Linksys 16 port switch, but it will not work unless the "fix" from latest firmware in enable.  It is faster without having to use the "fix", but is unreliable.

We here appreciate all the news you have provided.

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Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hi Dave,

I would also appreciate letting me know when we can request the RMA

for V2 of the WAP4410N as soon as possible.

BTW who should we contact to request the RMA when V2 becomes


Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Bill  et al...

I email I received today from the PM regarding this issue with the following dates.

"The  US depot will have v2 stock on Feb 15.

The  Canadian depot will have v2 stock on march 1st.".

I would think that overseas RMA depot were 'shipped,' and not flown at the same time.

So I'm positive that if  anyone RMA's now, they will get a Version 1. So please persist with the software workaround.

I will update you when I have a update, and i can only apologise for this extra delay.

regards Dave

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hi ktchan,

When the Version 2 stock finally finally comes in, and if your machine exhibits the problem, then please use the number in the URL below to contact the Small Business Support center (SBSC) in your region.

regards Dave

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