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WAP4410N VLAN Issue


I have a WAP4410N that I am trying to get to work on multiple VLANs. Here is the scenario

The WAP is plugged into a cisco switch. The port on the switch is trunked. I have 2 VLANs on this network VLAN 1 for business and VLAN 2 for guest access.

I have 2 routers plugged into the same switch. Each being on their respective VLAN and each handing out DHCP for their subnet.

When I hard wire into each VLAN, the routers give me the IP address for their respective network. So I know everything works when hard wired

The WAP4410N is setup with 2 unique SSIDs both running WPA2-Personal security. The WAP has the most recent firmware on it, On the VLAN page, I have setup the SSIDs where SSID1 connects to VLAN 1 and SSID2 connects to VLAN 2.

I can connect to SSID1 with no issue and get handed a DHCP address. I cannot connect to SSID2, or at least get an IP address from the router for VLAN 2. I have tried to hard code my IP address to my Wireless and ping the router, but get no response from the router.

So I dont think that I am getting connected to VLAN 2 via the WAP4410N.

Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated.



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Exactly the same problem here

Exactly the same problem here - except that I installed the latest firmware

Did you find a fix?

I hope this is configuration

I hope this is configuration error located somewhere on switchport VLAN assignment level. As the configuration of switch and AP isnt provided I can only guess the real reason. But I hope that problem could be in tagged vs. untagged VLAN used on trunk port toward AP or wrong corresponding configuration on AP side. Simply said that probably one of VLANs is configured as tagged (VLAN1) which works fine, second VLAN (VLAN2) is configured as untagged (native) on same switchport. But AP requires that all SSID VLANs has to be tagged on trunk port.
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It turned out to be a problem

It turned out to be a problem between two of our switches and not between the AP and the switch.

Now it seems to work.

Anyway, thanks for your help!


HelloMy name Eric Moyers. I


My name Eric Moyers. I am an Engineer in the Small Business Support Center.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. What switch are you plugging the WAP into? What does the VLANs look like on it? What is tagged and what is untagged? Is your router doing tagging as well? What is supplying the DHCP for your different vlans?

Eric Moyers
.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Cisco Presales Technical Support | Wireless Subject Matter Expert

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It turned out to be a problem

It turned out to be a problem between two of our (Cisco) switches (SF-200, SG-300) and not between the AP and the switch.

DHCP is provieded by a VM behind a VMware virtual switch with multiple VLANs.

Now it seems to work.

But the option "VLAN Tag" ["Tagged" or "Untagged"] (for VLAN "Enabled") still confuses me... 
What is it good for?

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