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WAP4410N won't repeat signal


we purchased 8 WAP4410N access points to cover our entire school with wireless internet. 2 of those could not have access to a wired network accesspoint, so we wanted those to repeat the signal of 2 others. The ones who are to provide the signal are set up as access points, with the option to allow the signal to be repeated enabled. The mac adress of the other access point is provided, and the channel is set to 6. The 'repeat' 4410N ones are set up as wireless WDS Repeater, with the mac adress of the remote access point entered through the site survey. The channel is also set to 6.

When I connect with the 'repeaters' however, I only get limited access, cannot get on the internet, and I cannot change the network settings in Windows 7 from 'public' to 'business'. Any idea as to what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Johan Van Hoeydonck


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Re: WAP4410N won't repeat signal

You could double-check you used the wireless (and not wired) Mac address.

I also found I needed to allow http access to the repeater and configure it once it was disconnected from a wired connection

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Re: WAP4410N won't repeat signal

I actually just learned from you that they have 2 Mac addresses, so that could very well be it... But where do I find the wireless Mac address?

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Re: WAP4410N won't repeat signal

I'm not in front of the wap4410n at the moment, but for sure you can see both wired and wireless mac addresses somewhere in the browser interface.

Otherwise, I imagine they must be listed alongside the serial number on the label under the wap4410n

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