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WAP54G Version compatibility

I am trying to create a wireless bridge between a network with ip's (this network has the gateway) to a network with ip's -  so that it can access the internet thru the gateway).  Both AP's are WAP54G set to bridge mode. Both are configured identically except for the IP numbers.  SSID broadcast disabled and security off.  From everything I have read, I should be able to ping (example from - but cannot.  The only difference I can see it that one of the WAP54G's is version 2 and the other is Version 3.  Both have firmware 3.0.4.

Question: Can anyone confirm that I can or cannot create a wireless bridge with differing versions of the same device?

As a plan B, I have on order a WET200.  Should I have two on order to act as a matched pair as the WAP54G's had to be?

Thank you.


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