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wap551 speed

I cant seem to get any speed out of the wireless AP551,  I have 4 set up in a cluster.    I have 100 meg fiber. 

My hard wire connections are fast.  Wireless connections  about 5mb to 8mb up and down.

Any Ideas?


Dude your funny Take note

Take note that those are wireless connections, there traffic is behaves like a half-duplex in the wired environment. Even if you have 100Mbps wired connection to your AP, do not expect 100Mbps speed or even near that to the connected users

Additionally, take into consideration:
1. What channel the user is connected, especially at the 2.4GHz w/c only contains 3 non-overlapping channels compared to 5GHz w/c as a lot depending on the bandwidth for 20MHz, 23 Channels, for 40MHz, 11, soo quite a loot 
-Also 2.4GHz is a common WiFi band, and neighboring APs overlapping the channel can cause degradation of signals
2. Traffic is like half-duplex e.g., if user says it is connected, at speed of 54Mbps, it's actual is divided by 2 hence, 27, but again that's a theoretical value. Real speed values are quite less than that
3. What protocol the user is connected e.g. 802.11a/b/g/n as well as how strong the signal is
4. Total number of users, the more users, the more the throughput is divided. Max throughput is 450Mbps

Add to the checking if you have interface errors on the switches it is connected

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