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wapn4410n Speeds?

We have a wap4410n and our isp package is 30/10 from TWC. Clients that connect to this AP, when doing a speetest, see only speeds of around 5mb's!! I have updated the ap firmware to the latest and changed the cat5 cable between the ap and firewall. I also have auto set on the ethernet port of the ap and firewall. I have changed both the firewall and wap4410n ports to 100 full and this blows the whole wireless network up. The firewall reports no link and the ethernet light on the wap4410n blinks instead of being steady.


I think it's not with the

I think it's not with the AP

Here's what you can do:

1. Check  Client to AP Connection

1.A. Check AP is transmitting power at max

1.B. Check if there are any overlapping channels (try inSSIDER) its a 5 day free software where you

can analyze your channel. THough if your AP is set to auto-channel then this should be no problem.

2. Check AP to ethernet connection



Can you check the APs logs especially in the clients connected:
I havent handled WAP4410 models but if they have CLI: it goes "show dot11 association all-clients"
or better look it up its GUI

What you will see there is the client, and the currents client connection speed. Verify that. If it displays 54Mbps (or higher since its 802.11n) then your Client to AP connection is good


Well, verify between the switch and the AP their speed and duplex connection (Both should be the same). If it has problems then replace the cable, (it may be the issue)

If you have verified STEP1 and STEP2 I think the problem now is in your ISP. They might not be giving you the right speed (though we need to prove this and I doubt this)

Prove it by directly connecting your laptop to your modem and doing speedtest their. Or connect your laptop directly to your firewall and doing speedtest.

Try to isolate the problem

1.LEDs will always blink on eternet connection. Every blink is a packet received by the switch.

2. SPEEDTEST IS NOT RELIABLE when troubleshooting LAN issues, Why? Because Internet is always by other users, this will decrease the speed that is displayed by in your test.

If you want a significant SpeedTest testing, then DISCONNECT ALL YOUR USERS, and have speed test directly in the modem or firewall.

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Step 1 = nothing in the gui

Step 1 = nothing in the gui logs and you cannont connect via CLI to wap4410n

Step 2 = Both are set to auto negotiate. I did change both to 100 full but this made the wireless network unavailable (set both back to 100 full). I did change the ethernet cable between the wap4410n and the firewall, same effect.

When i speedtest from a wired PC, i see speeds of 30-40 like i should. I will give a rough draft of the network:

(internet)-----(isp modem)-----(sonicwall)---(10/100 cisco switch - LAN 192.168.123.x)-----(wired and wireless devices (Cisco 1220AP)). This network when wired sees 30-40mbps but on wireless sees less than 5mbps                           |


                                                 (linksys switch - DMZ 192.168.124.x)--------(wired and wireless devices WAP4410N). This is the network that see less than 5mbps when wireless


I know we have some pretty old equipment but when wired, we see the speeds we are suppose to be getting so i don't think it is the old equipment. It is only when we connect wirelessly when we see speeds of less than 5mbps.



When you did the PC speedtest

When you did the PC speedtest did you do it on the DMZ? (where WAP4410N is connected) or the LAN?(192.168.123.x)

Try doing speedtest directly in your DMZ interface

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On the DMZ

On the DMZ


Try This,Have a client

Try This,

Have a client connect

1. and on the PC: Kindly check the connection speed of client
       -Check the speed


2. Replace the cable connecting the AP to your FW

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1) less than 5mbps with

1) less than 5mbps with bursts of 5mbps

2) cable connecting ap to firewall was 5e. Replaced with cat 5 and see speeds of 14mbps with bursts of 15mbps

Better but shouldn't i see my package speeds 30/10?

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