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WDS with two WRVS4400N v2


I hardly try to get WDS running with two WRVS4400N v2.

The manual (and the web interface) says: "Note: The WDS feature allows WRVS4400N to connect with          up to 3 wireless repeaters that can be either WRVS4400N or WAP200." But I wasn't successful by now in getting it working...

What I've done so far:

- Setup the primary WRVS as Gateway, WAN through Modem, LAN and WLAN using WPA2 Personal Mixed, DHCP

--> works perfect

- Setup the second WRVS as Router using the same WLAN settings, no WAN and no DHCP

- Enabling WDS on both WRVS, giving each the MAC address of the other

--> no connection to LAN or WAN through the second WRVS

I really need the second WRVS act like a bridge. Since the manual is saying that I can connect both devices through WDS I bought two of them. On the other hand I've now read somewhere in the community, that this isn't possible with two WRVS (?)

Any help would be welcome, thanks

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Cisco Employee

Re: WDS with two WRVS4400N v2

It is not possible to do this with two WRVS4400N routers.  You should use an Access Point

for the second device.  I recommend using the WAP4410N for this.

Community Member

Re: WDS with two WRVS4400N v2

Correct me if i'm wrong, but Access Points are connected via ethernet, right?

That's not what i'm looking for. I want the bridge the other way and give WLAN access to a couple of non-WLAN-devices.

Cisco Employee

Re: WDS with two WRVS4400N v2

You can use the WET200 for the non WLAN devices.  Connect the WET200 via Cat5 to the Ethernet port of the device you want to connect to the wireless network.  You will need a WET200 for each device.  I recommend configuring the WET200 for the correct WLAN network settings before you connect them to each non-wireless device.

Community Member

Re: WDS with two WRVS4400N v2

Thanks for the fast reply.

WET200 seems not to be an option since it supports 54Mbit/s only; I need 300MBit/s...

But I still can't understand why it's impossible to access a WLAN network via ethernet operating the WRVS4400N with WDS. Looks like there's no solution (at least from Cisco) accessing a WLAN network through a bridge with 300MBit/s (?) This is somehow... disappointing...

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Re: WDS with two WRVS4400N v2

I am having the same issue with WRVS4400N V2 and WAP4400N. Just bought another WRVS4400N V2 and still have exactly the same problem when connecting WDS.

I was supposed to get WAP4410N instead of WAP4400N. The WRVS4400N FAQs page is not clear about it and needs to be updated.

Love to know if there is a way to twist it. I am able to bridge WRT54G running dd-wrt v22 with my WRVS4400N but not with the same of a kind.

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Re: WDS with two WRVS4400N v2

You will need the WAP4410N to use the WDS feature.


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