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WET200 - WPA2 Key renewal time setting not possible

Hi there,

I am using some WET200 Bridges to connect to a Wireless Network using WPA2-Private.

This all seems to be working fine and worked fine for some time.

I now exchanged the main AP and did some changes to the WPA-Security settings, requesting

that the key-renewal time should be 600 seconds.

Unfortunately since then I get connection aborts, as it seems that Key renewal time inside the

WET200 is set to somewhat static value, which is NOT equal to 600 seconds.

Regarding to the WET200 documentation manual, I should be able to set this value on the

web-based interface. In the documentation there are also screenshots showing the "Key renewal time" Value.

But with my Firmware (1.0.13-ETSI) this field simply is not there.

Now the question - how can I set the Key renewal time for the WET 200 ??
I tried to connect to the thing using telnet or ssh, this does not work. I was also not able

to find any older or newer firmware than the 1.0.13-ETSI ......

could please anyone help, cause this is really annoying.




Re: WET200 - WPA2 Key renewal time setting not possible

This should be available under Wireless > Wireless Security . Choose WPA2-Personal and Key Renewal Time Period should be available. If you do not find it

try to reset the device. Else try with the  Firmware version WET200_v1.0.13_200808.img available at

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