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Wireless bridge roaming? (WAP200E)

Hello all,

We are involved in installing a wireless network at a facility with 2 parallel rail tracks upon which 2 mobile vehicles per track move up and down.  Each vehicle has a wired ethernet device on board.  The devices on each vehicle need to talk to one another over the wireless network.  There is a WAP200E installed in each of the 4 vehicles.  There are 4 WAP200Es installed down the center between the tracks.  Ideally, the WAP200Es on the vehicles would be set to wireless client mode and the center access points would be set to access point mode, but I don't believe these devices support a client mode.

Can I configure the vehicle access points in wireless bridge mode, bridging them to the four access points down the center of the facility?  Will the vehicle access points roam between the center access points?  Any other options?


Best regards,



Re: Wireless bridge roaming? (WAP200E)

I am not sure on the setup you have, it seems that you are wanting to bridge these devices and have them roam in between bridges.  You have the option to setup 4 wireless bridges on the wap200e, if that is the case you can setup each bridge to bridge with all four devices in the middle and it should work just fine.  See the attached document that has the ap modes on this access point.

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Re: Wireless bridge roaming? (WAP200E)

Thanks David,

That's the way I intend to set it up.  Just wanted to confirm that it would all be ok.

Best regards,

Don McComb.

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