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Wireless Tips: Roaming

Hi everyone,

These are the steps in order to create a WDS with a single SSID:

1. Connect all access points to a wired Ethernet network. They must be in a common network. In addition, each AP must have a different IP.

2. Use the same password for the AP (Remember to use WPA2, if you use WPA try to use a complex password),

3. Use the same SSID for all the AP's.

4. Select channels that do not overlap for adjacent access points. Channels 1, 6 and 11 have no overlapping frequencies. Select the same channels for all access points

5. Enable DHCP service on only one of the access points. Most DHCP servers can (optionally) to bridge the DHCP service between wired and wireless networks and provide access to wireless clients. There is no advantage if DHCP servers running on multiple access points, and have multiple DHCP servers can cause confusion. Using a single DHCP server enabled with NAT created a single private LAN.

6. Use a form of roaming (WDS or Universal Repeater). Enable WDS Bridge with MAC address of the  wireless router.

However not all devices could repeat the signal of another device because they couldn´t be compatible.

This is an example of how the WDS looks like

Here you can see some tips in order to improve your wireless network


Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

Cisco network support engineer.

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