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WISP/Client Router

I hope the community here can help and suggest a device or range of devices, there appears to be a variety of terminology used aka Client Router and WISP router. The methodology has been proven using a non-cisco WISP router (TP-Link TL-WR843ND) but I need to use Cisco devices due to Wireless Security reasons primarily.

The device/s required but bridge and route between two networks. One network is wired and the other is wireless !

Network #1 is wireless, dynamic address DHCP and DNS, Radius Servers with PEAP/EAP etc

Network #2 is wired, fixed address (192 range) where data from Wireless Network1 needs to be routed to specific ports of specific devices aka Port Forwarding.

The router required is a client of Wireless Network #1 and routes to Wired Network #2, router acts as gateway for wired network.

The TP-Link device in WISP mode works as required, with the following attributes:

  1. It acts as a client of the Wireless Network.
  2. Acts as gateway of the wired network.
  3. Port forwards from Wireless Network #1 to the Wired network #2.
  4. Provides DHCP for Wired network #2.
  5. Prefer if more than one wired switched port.
  6. POE device is preferred.
  7. Speed of Wireless is not a major concern
  8. More than one router device per network is required, so cheap-ish router required.
  9. Wireless security must be enterprise level.

My knowledge of Cisco devices is limited to their Access Points, what I would like is suggestions on devices that could do this, point me in the general direction or (if possible) suggest a device.






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