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New Member

WRP400 Behind another router

Hi All

Looking for assistance on setting up a WRP400  VOIP Router behind another router (WRT54G).

The WRT54G is  acting as the primary connection to the internet. Its Internet port is  connected to the feed from my ISP, and provides DHCP and NAT for the  rest of the house. It also provides Wireless access for the upper floor

I  have a single CAT5 cable available to connect to downstairs, where my  WRP400 is to be installed, and where the primary telephone jack is  located for connection to the VOIP router. This is to provide the same  SSID as upstairs but on a different channel so that laptops will auto  switch as one moves around the house

This all worked fine  when I had a WRTP54G as my VOIP router downstairs. The single feed from  the attic went to one of the LAN ports on the WRTP54G enabling single  segment throughout the house (no point in auto switching access points  if re IPing is required). It did require that the Internet port on the  WRTP54G was connected back to one of its own LAN ports to function ( I  assumed that was because VOIP traffic would only traverse the Internet  port, and would not function if this port was down). However, all worked  perfectly, and everything was on the 192.168.15.x subnet.

Here  is what things looked like, and hopefully still can look like

Then my WRTP54G died, and the  next best thing I could get was a WRP400.

This unit goes  nuts if I try to configure it the same way. Once the Internet port is  connected to itself, it basically freezes up, and wont work until a  total reset is done via reset button.

Because of the  locations of my telephone jack, and the presence of only a single cable  between upper and lower floors, I cant place the WRP400 upstairs as the  primary router, as my telephone would then have to be in the attic. Nor  can I bypass the attic and run the ISP feed to downstairs, as then I  would be unable to connect the WRP54G upstairs as a secondary access  point. In that second scenario, I've consider installing hubs at either  end of the single cable between floors to allow both the ISP segment and  the internal segment to be available on both floors, but then I just  end up having four powered boxes instead of the two I had working  happily for 2 years before this.

I wish the WRP400 were as  forgiving as the WRTP54G!!!!

Does anyone here know how to  cascade the WRP400 behing another Linksys router, keeping it on the  same segment as the primary router, yet get VOIP to work? I found  cascaded articles, but they all assume you are in a position to place  the VOIP router as the gateway to the ISP.

Any help would  be greatly appreciated!

Best regards


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