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wrvs4400n v2 manual questions and comments

I'll start with my questions, then follow up with a reply post containing the review comments for this document to keep the two separate. I don't know what formal process there is to note document issues so please forgive this newbie act...

Question 1: regarding bandwidth profiles - the document is reasonably clear where you can set up these bandwidth profiles, and mentions in passing that they can be applied to vpn connections, but using the 'find' command on the pdf I cannot see where any other part of the document talks about using them.This is perhaps because the "Service Managent" operations are not documented well, but I'd like to know, please.

Question 2: QOS - the documents talks about how TOS priorities can be set on the packets in the LAN->WAN direction, as well as how the makeup of the outbound traffic can be shaped by policies etc. But for WAN->LAN traffic, will it do the same? e.g. tag incoming VOIP traffic with a higher TOS so it can be given priority out in the LAN side? this would be symmetry with doing the same in the upward direction.

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reviewed document, my comments here

I RESERVE NO RIGHTS on further use of this text, do with it what you will.

* Welcome section

"the latest 802.11n draft specification" - why does this not say "draft 2" now that the spec is finalized and the hardware was adapted to support it?

"when 802.11n specification is finalized by IEEE" - this has happened, no longer in the future.

* How to Use This Guide section

"This User Guide has been designed to make understanding networking with the camera easier than ever" - what camera?

picture for WARNING - what camera?

picture for NOTE - what camera?

perhaps 're-use' in its ugliest form?

* Description of IPS:

"viruses attached emails" should perhaps read "viruses attached to emails"

"As of today, the Wireless-N Router is shipped with signature file version 1.3.8 and with a total of 1101 rules." - it seems like this must be updated every time the document is updated

* VPN description - I found this quite informative. disclaimer: I am no expert on this topic

* The Front Panel

it talks about an LED signaling a internal attack, yet the upstream bandwidth does not seem to be reduced by turning on IPS, so is this really a supported ability?

* Setup / Time

this is more a feature comment, but allowing only an IP address is somewhat limiting. I would prefer the option of either an address or a dns name. For example, is a resilient entry as it can adapt to failures and spread load across time servers. as a minimum, how about a second IP? There's also an inherent assumption here that ntp will always use ipv4, I guess not a bad one.

daylight saving - does this handle all the recently changed variations of DST trigger rules? at least be specific as to what it can and cannot do.

* Setup / IP Mode

I think another screen shot or two would help when it comes to the 6to4 settings. Pictures are helpful for some readers as some are more visually oriented.

* Wireless / Security Settings

the screenshot for WPA-Personal is actually showing WPA2-Personal in the pulldown

* QOS / Bandwidth Management

there is no screen shot for rate control

for both rate control and priority, it would be helpful to have screenshots with rules in place rather than just an empty list area

* QOS / QOS Setup

it would be nice if the screenshot showed at least one port in CoS or DSCP Trust mode, or maybe both so all 3 cases are visible

* Administration / Management

there is an implication that multiple users can be created, but no demonstration or text of how to add a user

Access List - perhaps it could say that if this is disabled, any IP can access from the lan/wlan side? or from the lan and depending on another setting the wlan?

* Administration / Diagnostics

cable diagnostics - how about an example of an error/failure?

sometimes only 2 pairs are needed in a cable, how can one tell if the triggered result is 'ok' / how would it show up here?

* Administration / Firmware Upgrade

this would be a good place to recommend reading the release notes as there are a number of 'gotchas' like having to clear the settings to factory afterward or the inability to downgrade or other such...

* IPS / P2P & IM

I have heard that it is possible to tweak messenger programs to use the FTP ports, for example. how smart is this capability to detect such tricks?

* IPS / Report

again, how about a live example instead of a blank graph and zero counts?

* L2 Switch / (tab)

this paragraph talks about cable diagnostics but it is not on this tab, it is on the admin/diagnostics tab! it also doesn't list all the sub-tabs

* L2 Switch / Vlan & Port Assignment

the following note: "NOTE: The following cannot be supported on Vitesse 7385 switch chipset" isn't useful. is it here because the product cannot do it? if that is the case, why not just remove the nonexistent capability from the document or say that it is disabled on this model? most users don't know from chipsets :)

* L2 Switch / Port Settings

for flow control, is this something that can be negotiated as well as the speed/*plex?

* Status / (tab)

this mentions "VPN client connections, and IPsec VPN connections" but those would be covered on the VPN tab according to the previous screen shots

(I did not review the vpn sections further down in the document as I have no experience with them)


nowhere is there a picture of nor instructions for the "Service Management" operations mentioned in the various sections which have the button to bring that function up. if it were better documented perhaps my first question in the lead post would be unnecessary.

I hope someone can make use of my findings and observations. I consider documentation quality a good indicator of product quality..


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Re: reviewed document, my comments here

ok, you guys are  fast - today I see a new version out there.

great job!

I will see if it answers my questions.


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Re: reviewed document, my comments here

ok, good work, looks like this was sitting around waiting to be published with the new firmware. I now see how the bandwidth is managed.

if I choose priority qos, will the priority be reflected in the qos out the lan? or just toward the wan?

curiously, since you can have either priority OR bandwidth management on the wan, it seems like there is little control over the lan side should you choose bandwidth management. maybe I am expecting too much here but it would seem that a mashup would be more effective - for example, for a given service, upstream bandwidth is specified, and downstream priority so you get a nice meshing with your qos-enabled switches.

still hoping for answers!



Re: reviewed document, my comments here

Do please let me know if the answers in the other post have satisfied this one.

Other post:


Andrew Lissitz

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Re: reviewed document, my comments here

thanks. if you read this thread you know that I had already thoroughly read the guide and provided the feedback above. today I saw the 'new' version on the site and did get one answer from it. the other thread will suffice if you want to keep things simple. I've provided a detailed description of my objectives there.

at some point I may again review the new version of the manual.



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Re: reviewed document, my comments here

anyone from document land on this forum? the vitesse 7385 comment is in this new version. does that mean the feature it doesn't support is to be ignored in the document, or that it is random whether a given router has that chipset? if all of them have it, why document the feature that is a phantom, if some do and some don't, how do we tell if we have a 4400n with the chip or without?

enquiring minds want to know!



Re: reviewed document, my comments here


I hope you are well.

Can you re-state your question and or the page numbers in question?  I may have missed it in all other posts .. sorry about this.

I will pass this on to our documentation folks afterwards.  Thanks and have a good night,

Andrew Lissitz

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Re: reviewed document, my comments here

wrvs4400 admin guide v2, OL-20048-01

recently appearing on the web site

chapter 5, configuring the L2 switch settings

page numbered 153

"  General—All frames can be tagged or untagged coming in to the switch.
  If untagged, the default PVID applies to the packet. Only the General
  mode users can choose the Acceptable Ingress Frame Type and PVID
NOTE The Acceptable Ingress Frame Type and PVID options cannot be
      supported on the Vitesse 7385 switch chipset

so is the feature "in" or "out"? does it have that switch chipset or not? or is it a secret?

it seems like one would have to open up the box to tell, not a good scenario. If in fact

there is no feature, the document should not half-promise it. If some have the feature and some don't

how can one be sure when ordering?

thanks for listening!



Re: reviewed document, my comments here

You are awesome.  Thanks for taking the time to update this posting.  Let me ping our PM ... more to come.

Andrew Lissitz


Re: reviewed document, my comments here


I have an update -

Both are vitesse and as such the feature is out.  We will update the documentation; thanks for pointing this out.

Andrew Lissitz

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