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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Community!

Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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Smart Net Total Care Survey is Open!

Look for an email invitation to participate, and tell us about your experience using the collector and portal.

Smart Net Total Care Portal Release 4.2.1 is Available!

Click here to view the Release Notes.

CSPC Collector Update Available

A new collector version (CSPC is available and addresses Meltdown/Spectre. You can find all the information to install a new collector or upgrade an existing one on the CSPC support page.

To upgrade an existing collector to the latest version, follow the instructions in the CSPC Upgrade Guide.

For new collector installations, the 2.7.3 collector software is available on the download page. The CSPC 2.7.3 OVA image can be used for all network size situations (small, medium and large) and then upgraded within the CSPC UI using the Software Updates tab.