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16 port 2 Gb cards.

Hi all,

After seeing some mind blowing performance today when mirroring a large number of Terabytes of data through my two 9509's, I have to ask is it possible to get more than 2 Gbps out of a port?

My current setup has a port in each port group (if the 16 port cards have them). That is port 1, 5, 9 and 13.

I looks like I am actually pushing speeds past 2 Gbps.

My jaw is still hanging near the floor. I have never seen this sort of performance in the Qlogic switches we are replacing.

The other ports are not in use yet and I am wondering if my figures are right. My storage is a fully blown max configured HDS Tagmastore 1100 (256 GB cache) which seems to gobble up the data as if there is no tomorrow.

So, is it possible to get more than 2 Gbps out of individual ports or am I dreaming?


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Re: 16 port 2 Gb cards.

Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately, no, it is not possible to get more than 2 Gbps tx/rx rate on that module.

There are 4 Gbps modules, you can achieve this with those modules ( 12/24/48 ports).



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Re: 16 port 2 Gb cards.

Hi Hakan,

The 4 Gbps cards are on order but I am really surprised at the throughput I am seeing on the 2 Gb cards in this instance.

It is possible that the sustained throughput is just so good that I am not used to the speed. It may also be something to do with mirroring versus normal I/O which is not all that spectacular on the older systems. More often than not, 1 Gbps is really pushing the limits and thats why oversubscribing is such an important part of the switch and what cards I use.

It just looked like I was getting about 2.2 Gbps throughput on all ports during the mirroring process.

At least I feel justified in purchasing the equipment.


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