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9124 design suggestions

hello everyone

can someone please suggest on below

currently we have the below design

9124 A ----connected to 9124A1----SAN1  i.e. path1

9124 B-----connected to 9124B1---SAN2   i.e. path2

SAN1 and SAN2 are interconnected

we have dual NIC ESX servers connected to 9124 A and 9124 B with one NIC active. on ESX multipathing is enabled. if a storage drive isnt available via path1 , ESX tries to connect via path2

9124 A and 9124A1 have a single VSAN 11 created. All ports are assigned to that VSAN

9124 B and 9124B1 have a single VSAN 12 creadred. All ports are assigned to that VSAN

on 9124A1 and 9124B1 we have many zones . what we do is pwwn of each port on  9124 A /9124 B is noted. we then create a device alias by that pwnn. create a zone and add each pwnn and SAN pwnn into that zone. this is manual work we have to do each time when a server is made active on 9124 A or  9124 B respectively. is this the best way of doing

as you can see we havent interconnected 9124A1 and 9124B1, will there be any advantage if we do so. what we think in future we will have to buy fiber switches. we are certain at that time we have to connect these switches to 9124A1 and 9124B1. can someone suggest the best pssible desing


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