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9124 Password Recovery

Hi There. I am trying to reset the password on Cisco 9124 that came back from a partner. They haven't provided any of the config information. I am able to get a serial connection running, but I am unable to get a break sequence to work. I have used hypertermincal, minicom, putty, and others. None of them seem to work. No matter where I send the break sequence during the boot up, it doesn't work. Can anyone provide any insight for this?

I have followed the instructions provided on the Cisco site. The only thing that I haven't done is remove the supervisor engine, but I have stand alone switch and I wouldn't know how to do that. The only components that I can remove are the GBICs and the PSs.



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Re: 9124 Password Recovery

Hi Matt,

sometimes it's hard to find the correct break combination to boot into single user mode. For me it took some time to find it on a Swedish keyboard layout as the Cisco documentation only says ctrl+].

To verify correct break character run telnet in a MS DOS window. A  correct break would break the session and produce a message like  "Welcome to Microsoft Telnet client...".So you could just test all possible keyboard combinations until you have the right one. Then just follow the correct password recovery procedure:

You need to get to the switch(boot)# prompt to reset password. Press ctrl+] exactly when you see "Loading system software". The message "Switching to runlevel: 1" indicates you are entering switch(boot)# prompt.

Rgds Filiph

CCIE #25916

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