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9124 to 9148 migration

I'm trying to migrate from a 9124 to 9148 and it's mentioned in the procedure that for this to be done both switches must be at the same Firmware level, I want to keep the old version (4.2(1a)) on the new switch (which came to me shipped with 5.0(1a)), cannot find the 4.2(1a) version for the 9148, can I use the same file that I installed on the 9124 to install it on the 9148 or do I HAVE TO upgrade the 9124 prior migration to 5.0(1a) to match the new switch's level?


New Member

9124 to 9148 migration

Hi Ragui,

That is correct the 9148 does not show in the supported switches in the release notes for 4.2(1a). Hence it would be recommended to upgrade the 9124 switch to 5.0(1a) prior to the migration

If you have free ports available on the 9124, try creating a temp two switch fabric (9124 -> ISL -> 9148) and then migrate the end devices from the 9124 over to the 9148.  Once the migration is done just decommission the new fabric you created.

Also very useful reference can be found here:

Just follow the steps in the section titled "Restoring a Fixed Switch Configuration.

Good luck,


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