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Activating zoneset only from the core switch


            How can i restrict so that only the core switch is allowed to make changes to the active zoneset?

Also if I am merging two switches and they have active zonesets but with different names, would that merge the two fabrics?




Activating zoneset only from the core switch

The only way I know how to do this would be to put all of the edge/non-core switches into NPV mode. In this mode they act like a proxy passing all FC logins, FCNS and switching to the core. Enabling this is disruptive, it wipes the config and reboots the switch. On the core you would also have to enable the NPIV feature (non-disruptive). If you have Brocade in the mix those would need to be placed into Access Gateway (ag) mode, this is also disruptive but works similar to Cisco NPV.

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Activating zoneset only from the core switch

Thanks Jeremy,

                                 I heard that for NPIV the switch has to be rebooted, do you from from what code enabling NPIV is non -disruptive please?

Activating zoneset only from the core switch

your probably thinking about NPV, NPV is disruptive but NPIV isn't. It is just a feature that you would enable on the core.

The acronyms are confusing and easily mixed up.

NPIV allows multiple initiators to login over a single FC/port-channel. NPV changes the operation of the switch so that to the core it looks like a host with a lot of initiators/HBAs. In NPV mode the edge switch doesn't consume any FC domain IDs.

Here is a link that should be helpful -

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