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Add new switches to a fabric

I need to add some new 9124 switches to an existing fabric that consists of a 9509 Director. The 9509's are on version 3.3.3 and I plan to put the 9124 on the same version. Are their any best practices for adding new switches, creating the ISL's and then the Port Channels ? The reason I ask is last time I did this (adding some 9140 switches to a 9509 fabric) it all seemed to work OK, but when I created the Port Channels (using the Port Channel Wizard) the whole fabric went "RED" for a few moments in the topology display. Although it didn't seem to cause any disruption it was a bit unnerving. Is their a best way to add new switches ? The on line manuals are fairly vague on this subject



Cisco Employee

Re: Add new switches to a fabric

You should verify that the new switch has the new VSAN numbers that will be used, already created before attaching the switch to the existing fabric. Also, verify that the new switch has no 'active zoneset' for the VSANs.

You want the new switch to join the fabric, and learn the existing zone information for each of the VSANs. I would start by getting the ISLs up and active, and then creating and moving them into the port channel.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Add new switches to a fabric

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

The new switches are brand new out of the box. So new switches should have no active zoneset. So after initial installation and getting them on to the same OS level as the existing kit I should

1. Create the same VSANs as the existing fabric - this was something I didn't do last time I did this - again last time I did it the switches were new - out of the box. So I have the same situation here.

To get the ISL's up all I need to do is connect the ports and as long as they become up green as TE ports then all is OK? Assuming all VSANs are allowed on the ISL. I don't need to do anything else?

Cisco Employee

Re: Add new switches to a fabric

Nope...that's about all I can think of. One point you need to keep in mind is that when you go move the physical ports into the port channel, they must match the config on the port-channel interface for speed and port mode.

Again, I would create the PC and move the ports into (on each end) one at a time until the PC was completed.

- Mike

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