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Adding Cisco MDS 9124 to the existing fabric


is there any step-by step guide for adding Cisco MDS 9124 to existing fabric ?

The goal is to place the second switch to distant location and move just one existing tape library there.

I did set up and ISL already, but am not sure, what to do next to (merge zones on both etc),

I have mostly Brocade SAN background and no orientation in Cisco literature

Many thanks.


Re: Adding Cisco MDS 9124 to the existing fabric

how far away is the other location ?  Do you have a dedicated tape VSAN , how are the system currently connect to this tape library ? (systems have 3 HBAs, 2 for disk and one for tape ? )

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Re: Adding Cisco MDS 9124 to the existing fabric

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The ISL link is already set, using appropriate GBIC and cables.

It all should be one VSAN, I use strict point-to point zones. library has two drives and it is connected via two (isolated) switches locally, now I want to move behind the 3rd remote switch using just one local switch, as we have only one long-distance wire. I want to prepare it on a local site first (with a shorter cable :-) ) and the move the library. So my first step will be to move second drive to the first switch locally.

ISL is working IMHO, I plan set both switches with the same VLAN ID and try to propagate zones to the new switch with zoneset distribute. Is that correct ?

As I want avoid any existing traffic disturbance I need a step-by step guide to be sure. I don't like blind trials.

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