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New Member

All end devices shown as hosts and none as Storage

We have just upgraded to ver 2.1.2e fabric manager software and it appears that FM is not recognising the difference between hosts and storage.

Is this a bug or do i need to check a box somewhere?

Never had to before so....!



Cisco Employee

Re: All end devices shown as hosts and none as Storage

Hello Jason,

To fix this, you can select in FM Physical Attributes -> End Devices -> Hosts and then select the Enclosures tab and change the Device Type to Disk wherever appropriate. Of course, this does not explain why the issue happened in the first place so... the first thing I would check would be the way the end devices registered themselves -- please check the output of "show fcns database" and verify if they have only scsi-fcp:target listed among their fc4-type features. When you installed the FM software, did you do an upgrade, or was it a clean install? What SAN-OS version are you running on the switches?

If the devices registered only as targets, but you still see them displayed as hosts, we could be talking about a bug. Please open a TAC SR so we can track this down.

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