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Blade 9124e Fibre switch

HP came into and setup the Blade. They used the Onboard Administrator to set the IP addresses of the Blades. They did try to set the Ethernet switch and Fibre switch using the OA.

I am now trying to connect to the MDS switch port using the serial connection of the Blade OA. I executed the connect interconnect 3 for bay 3. We should have seen the setup utiltiy, but I am getting the switch login: prompt. We never set the account up so how do we reset the switch to factory defaults so setup will start again?


Larry Griswold


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Cisco Employee

Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch

Cisco Employee

Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch

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Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch

I tried accessing that webpage. It has been moved or removed, can not access it.

Cisco Employee

Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch


Complete these steps in order to establish a console session to the MDS 9000 switch:


Connect one of the supplied RJ-45-to-DB-9 adapters to the PC serial (COM) port.


Connect the other end of the supplied RJ-45-to-DB-9 adapter to the RS-232 management port on the MDS 9000 switch.

Note: The RS-232 management port is labeled CONSOLE.




Launch HyperTerminal on the PC.

Terminal emulation software enables communication between the storage router and your PC during setup and configuration. The terminal emulation software is frequently a PC application such as HyperTerminal or ProComm Plus.


Choose these settings:


Bits per second: 9600


Data bits: 8


Parity: None


Stop bits: 1


Flow control: None

Note: You can set the Bits per second field to 38400 if this configuration connects to an MDS 9500.



Reboot the switch in one of these ways:


Issue the reload command if there is a Telnet session with administrator rights.


The supervisor is going down for reboot NOW!


If the command is not available, power reset the switch.


When the switch begins its SAN-OS software boot sequence, press the Ctrl-] key sequence.

This key sequence brings up the switch(boot)# prompt.



Note: If you use different terminal emulation software, the break key sequence can differ. Refer to Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery for commonly used break key sequences.


Change to configuration mode.

switchboot#configuration terminal


Issue the admin-password command in order to reset the administrator password.

In this example, the password is set to ?password?.

switch(boot-config)#admin-password password


Exit to the EXEC mode.




Issue the load command in order to load the SAN-OS software.

In this example, san-ios.img is the name of the software. Most likely, the format looks like m9500-sf1ek9-mz-2.1.2b.bin.

switch(boot)#load bootflash:san-ios.img


Save the software configuration.

switch#copy running-config startup-config

Note: The next time that you try to connect to the console port of the MDS 9000 switch, you must enter either the new administrator password or the monitor password that you created.

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Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch

I had to use a hyperterminal window to get the Crtl ] to work.

Thanks for the instructions. We are logged in now.

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Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch

Generally it is also wise to remember that to not over complicate things. If they just added the IP, most likely they did not config the devices. The default login is USERID and your documentation will have the password in it(it's standard, but I dislike sharing it here). Run the setup from the CLI after you log in.

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Re: Blade 9124e Fibre switch

Hi Larry,

Did you find any solution to that ?

I'v exactly same problem, according to the user's guide for 9124e it should not be any default password, but how can I reset to the factory default ?



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