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Bootflash free space

I am getting ready to upgrade the SAN-OS on three 9509s with generation 1 supervisors. The bootflash is about 180MB and the existing kickstart and system files consume a little over 90MB. The new kickstart and system files are over 90MB total so there is not enough space to store them in the bootflash.

Is it acceptable to delete from the bootflash the system or kickstart file so that the new files can be uploaded and the upgrade can be peformed?


Re: Bootflash free space

It's Ok to delete system image file. They are only read during bootup. You dont want to run switch for a long time without the current version images on flash, so do the delete just before you are ready to run 'install all'.

You will only need to delete the system (SAN-OS) image to make enough room for the new version kickstart and system. Its always preferable to delete the system only and keep the current kickstart for two reasons, 1) deleting system only will still free up enough space, 2) if you were unlucky and it did reboot while system image was gone, at least it could still boot kickstart and from there you can tftp/ftp back the system from switch(boot)# prompt.

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Re: Bootflash free space

Excellent! Thanks for the response, that answered my question.

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