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C220M3+P81E+N5K+Storage - SAN boot problem

Hi All,


My customer has problem with  server doesn't see LUN. He has the following set of equipment:

- 1x Nexus 5548

- 1 x UCS C220M3 in standalone mode, CIMC firmware is 2.0(3d)

-1 x P81E VIC, firmware is 2.2(3a) (tested with 1225 VIC, had the same problem)

- Netapp storage ( tested with Whiptail previously and had the same problem)


Everything looks configured correctly.


nexus# sh flogi database 


INTERFACE        VSAN    FCID           PORT NAME               NODE NAME       


fc1/31           305   0x0c00c0  21:00:00:24:ff:6a:e8:57 20:00:00:24:ff:6a:e8:57

vfc18            305   0x0c0040  20:00:e8:b7:48:4e:1f:60 10:00:e8:b7:48:4e:1f:60


Total number of flogi = 2.


nexus# sh fcns database vsan 305


VSAN 305:


FCID        TYPE  PWWN                    (VENDOR)        FC4-TYPE:FEATURE


0x0c0040    N     20:00:e8:b7:48:4e:1f:60 (Cisco)         

0x0c00c0    N     21:00:00:24:ff:6a:e8:57                 scsi-fcp:target 


Total number of entries = 2


nexus# sh zoneset active vsan 305

zoneset name FCOE_5 vsan 305

  zone name FabB vsan 305

  * fcid 0x0c0040 [pwwn 20:00:e8:b7:48:4e:1f:60]

  * fcid 0x0c00c0 [pwwn 21:00:00:24:ff:6a:e8:57]


interface Ethernet1/18

  description 220-port1

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk native vlan 3172

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 305,3172

  spanning-tree port type edge trunk


interface vfc18

  bind interface Ethernet1/18

  switchport trunk allowed vsan 305

  no shutdown


interface fc1/31

  switchport trunk allowed vsan 1

  switchport trunk allowed vsan add 305

  no shutdown



SAN boot on the server was enabled. Default VLAN on the VICs port was set to 305 (please see the screenshots attached)

Initiator group was configured on the storage, LUN 0 was presented to the group. The server doesn't see target during the boot. We tried to setup ESXi 5.5 Cisco build, but it also didn't find LUN during the installation. Storage was checked - it didn't receive any request from initiator.



Any ideas what else can help ?







If you don't see the lun,

SAN Boot is a 2 step process: first you install the OS on the lun, second you boot.

If you don't see the lun, either the zoning and/or the igroup is wrong ! Zoning seems to be ok. Does your initiator group have 20:00:e8:b7:48:4e:1f:60 as the pwwn initiator ?

If the installation would be ok (meaning you see the lun) but the boot fails, then something is wrong with the boot policy.

btw. do you have a dual fabric setup (at least logically with one N5k) ?

Community Member

Hi, Initiator Group on the



Initiator Group on the storage has 20:00:e8:b7:48:4e:1f:60 as initiator. LUN 0 was assigned for this Initiator Group





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