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call home question


While trying to get SNMP traps running properly with Netview (if only I had Openview), I looked at using call home. Terrific product with the exception of one thing which probably does not affect the private sector. I would suggest that most government agencies need to have a classification of some sort in either the heading or the body of the email. I cant find anyway of doing that which means that the email will never get through. Would anyone know of a way to put certain words in the heading or body of the call home email? It may sound trivial but it would be a great leap forward in my view.



Re: call home question

If you have a set string prodided to you that will allow you to get through email filtering then I would put something in a user configurable field such as Customer, Contract, or Site ID.

these should be provided in the xml that is sent out.



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Re: call home question


I have tried everything regarding this issue. I even hoped that mucking about with call home on the host that you run FM from may do something but it has been to no avail.

Whenever I try to do anything, the email filter goes ballistic and notifies everyone of some sort of security problem.

BTW, if you want to share anything about your hope of getting a CCIE in storage, I started up a blog site today in order to teach some one eyed Brocade person the benefits of SAN-OS. I am not sure how it works yet but hey, it could be fun and hopefully share some info.

There will be other stuff in there like my HDS equipment and how knows what else.

My email address is speter24 at tpg dot com do au.


Re: call home question

That is an odd one. Without knowing what rule you are breaking in the mail filters, I don't know how anyone could come up with a workaround.

I looked at your blog, it is pretty neat.

I did pretty much the same thing

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