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cannot export zoneset, getting the error ""interface not isolated""

Customer is trying to run the command "zoneset export vsan <VSAN ID> and is getting the error "interface not isolated". Looking the manuals, it sounds that the interface should not really be isolated. The customer has a new mds 9124 and is trying to integrate it in the san that has another mds9513 and a brocade. The domain if of the new mds is 100. The mds9513 domain id is 99 and the brocade domain id is 98. The interop mode is 1 in all the switches. Does someone has any idea what is happening?

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Hi Luiz:

Hi Luiz:

This message is the normal behavior when there are no isolated ports.

The Import and Export mechanisms were created to recover from isolation scenarios.

The MDS switch where those commands are typed expects to see at least one isolated interface.

Please refer to the below MDS configuration guide excerpt.




About Recovering from Link Isolation

When two switches in a fabric are merged using a TE or E port, these TE and E ports may become isolated when the active zone set databases are different between the two switches or fabrics. When a TE port or an E port become isolated, you can recover that port from its isolated state using one of three options:

  • Import the neighboring switch's active zone set database and replace the current active zone set (see Figure 24-5).
  • Export the current database to the neighboring switch.
  • Manually resolve the conflict by editing the full zone set, activating the corrected zone set, and then bringing up the link.
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