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Chronilogical order for alias, zone, zoneset, vsan

I am just wondering what the chronilogical order when creating a new vsan, zoneset zone and adding the new alias.

Please someone give me your thoughts:

I have a new server out of the box and I want to put on an existing SAN with a 9509 switch that already has numerous vsans, zones and servers.

If I have a new server, it would be ok to go ahead an install HBA and give it an alias?

Then I would:

create VSAN

create zoneset

create zone inside zoneset

Add alias for server and host to zone

Or what would the proper steps be?


Re: Chronilogical order for alias, zone, zoneset, vsan


You don't need to have each host in its own vsan unless you have a specific need to do so.

If you did need a new vsan it would be like this.

1. New vsan

2. Add ports to vsan

3. configure port for new server (description etc)

4. add fcalias (if required)

5. create zone

6. create zoneset

7. add zone to zoneset

8. activate zoneset



New Member

Re: Chronilogical order for alias, zone, zoneset, vsan

Can you create test vsans, zones and zonesets, delete them if you want without disturbing any of the existing production setup?

It seems I was told once that if you create a new zoneset, you could not delete it.

Or was it can't delete a zone from an active zoneset?

I don't remember what the danger was exactly.

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