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cimxmlserver crash


We have done a major upgrade with a management appliction that uses the cimserver on the Cisco switches. I have 4 x 9216A running 3.2(2c) and at exactly the same time, the cimxmlserver crashed on all of them. I put it down to something that the upgrade of our app has done. Our other switches (including 9509's) are running 3.3(something) and they are not causing any problems.

I do know that the SMI-S agent (cimserver) on 3.3 and above uses 1.2 or something where 3.2 uses 1.1.

I could not poll 3.3 due to this SMI-S problem but now it has been fixed and I believe it has introduced the problem I am seeing.

Any comments? Whats the bet, I need an upgrade? So much for SMI-S for being the be all end all management solution. SNMP is so much easier.

I am unable to start the cimserver at all. I do a no cimserver start then a cimserver start and it crashed immediately.

<msgDesc>cimxmlserver crashed with crash type:crash without


I will raise a call through our vendor and expect to wait for an extraordinary time to get an answer on this.... I liked being about to raise a call direct with the CCO. I don't like this storage switch support model one little bit.



Re: cimxmlserver crash

This action can occur in a couple of scenarios:

1. When the memory footprint of cimserver exceeds a threshold and

it is terminated by its monitoring program, or

2. A user disables cimserver.

For the workaround follow the bug CSCsh70152

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Re: cimxmlserver crash

Thanks for your response. I had a look at the bug and it is a bit of a problem as our management systems do retrieve large amounts of data.


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