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Cisco Networkers - Australia.

I had a look what was on offer at Networkers @ Brisbane and considering I am purely a SAN person now, there is not much there for me. All I saw was two sessions that covered everything I know. Its a pity as there should be full three day SAN Breakouts. I find it hard to justify spending money for no real reason other than networking and drinking with Inch (and perhaps Dallas).

I for one would be very (nay, extremely) interested in seeing something like NASB in action even if it was at a remote lab. Also, the other features of the SSM's would be good to see. In particular, I would be happy to see Cisco's DMM as Brocade just showed me their similar product. I would kill to have something like that but it is probably expensive and requires a SSM. Brocade offer it as part of a Professional Services option where they come in and move your data for a fee.

Storage Media Encryption may be of interest but I am not sure where it fits in with Government. I suppose it would be worth looking at just to offer some level of encryption for our DWDM links as they are basically on a shared infrastructure of sorts.

As a matter of fact, I would like to listen to Cisco's "Whole of Government" options and if any products will become certified for some Government classifications. Eg, VSANs that allow unclassified data and up to something like Confidential or "In Confidence" to be on the same switch. Not national security stuff but still valuable to some people.

So, where better to show all this stuff off??? Networkers... in Bris Vegas.




Re: Cisco Networkers - Australia.


A few years ago they had a few bits setup in the showroom floor thing.

The sessions are generally there for networking people to start to understand storage.

One thing is for sure, if you are a storage guy with interests in networking its brilliant!

I can recommend the cat6k architecture sessions :-)

The last thing to note, its one hell of a party!!

I will be going along so if you are there, give me a yell!



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