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New Member

Cisco Nexus 5548UP connecting to HP P4330 StoreVirtual over iScsi


I need some advice when it comes to how to setup a port-channel between Nexus 5548UP and a HP StoreVirtual 4330 device. The idea is to use 2 10 GB ports in a port-channel group and this far I've this on the port-channel group;

interface port-channel1002

  priority-flow-control mode off

  switchport access vlan 400

  load-interval counter 2 30

  load-interval counter 3 300

What about priority-flow-control, any needs to change anything here? Any other things that needs to be considered when using iScsi?

Much appreciated!

Tony Lewis

Cisco Employee

Cisco Nexus 5548UP connecting to HP P4330 StoreVirtual over iScs

Hi Tony,

You do not have to worry about PFC. Priority-Flow-Control is something which is related to FCOE or DCBX protocol. With iSCSI as this is a TCP traffic, you have to make sure that you have a proper QOS for the IP Subnet or VLAN that has your iSCSI hosts transmitting the data. As iSCSI rides over TCP this is the major issue that I have seen related to the valid QOS config for the traffic. There is not best practice for it but you have make sure that you added it to a class other than BE or Scavanger class.

Hope this helps.


-amit singh

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