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Cisco UCS 6248 and Dell EQ 6510x

        We have a Dell EQ 6510x we have in production and we are about to power on a Cisco UCS B series chassis and a pair of 6248UP FIs. I'm planning to connect the 4 6510x 10G ports directly to the 6248 FIs and set them as Applicance Ports.

My question is would be be better to connect the 6510x Primary controller's two 10G ports directly to FI-A and the standby controller 10G ports directly to FI-B, or stagger them? Stagger meaning Primary Controller one10G to FI-A and one 10G to FI-B then Standby controller one 10G to FI-A and one10G to FI-B. Thanks!

Cisco Employee

Cisco UCS 6248 and Dell EQ 6510x

Hello there,

In your design always keep in mind that both UCS FI are separate switches, they always will talk each other by the upstream switch. The best pratice is connect anything that have to talk with UCS domain in the upstream switch.

If there is no option to do so, you can connect through the FIs, using a appliance port. In your case I believe that connect stagger mode is the best option, but I'm not sure, depends how your vnics are configured and if your Dell EQ can do port-channel in active-standby mode.

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