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Configured domain ID: 0x00(0) (preferred) <<--- is this normal for a principal switch

Hi All,

I recently extended a VSAN using an EISL by adding an new cisco MDS 9222i switch to an existing production MDS 9222i switch.

Before extending the VSAN , i configured the VSAN on the new switch with a higher priority (160) value and different static domain ID (160) to avoid any issues when connecting the two switches together and to ensure the production MDS switch was still the principal switch. Note that the production principal switch had a "preferred" domain id of 120, not a static one.

After the successful extesion of the VSAN across the EISL , i noticed that the domain id for the principal switch had changed to 0 (preferred) for the VSAN, The running config stil showed that the Current domain ID was 0x78(120).

IS THE  "Configured domain ID: 0x00(0) (preferred) "  THE NORMAL THING TO SEE ON A PRINCIPAL SWITCH after two switches have been connected together?

I expected the Configured domain ID ID =  0x78(120) ] to remain unchanged and the same valuefor both the running and startup config ?  

Can some one please shed some light if this is normal or is there an issue

Thanks in advance

**************** below is the output of show fcdomain vsan x    *************


The local switch is the Principal Switch.

Local switch run time information:

        State: Stable

        Local switch WWN:    20:46:00:0d:ec:a0:78:41

        Running fabric name: 20:46:00:0d:ec:a0:78:41

        Running priority: 2

        Current domain ID: 0x78(120)

Local switch configuration information:

        State: Enabled

        FCID persistence: Enabled

        Auto-reconfiguration: Disabled

        Contiguous-allocation: Disabled

        Configured fabric name: 20:01:00:05:30:00:28:df

        Optimize Mode: Disabled

        Configured priority: 128

        Configured domain ID: 0x00(0) (preferred)   <<<<<<<------ This domain id changed to 0x00(0) (preferred) from 0x78(120)(preferred)  after i
                                                                                     successfully extended the VSAN onto another identical switch. Is this normal??? I
                                                                                      did not in any way manually change this domain ID. Can i change the configured domain id
                                                                                      back to 120  (preferred) without an impact?

Principal switch run time information:

        Running priority: 2

Interface               Role          RCF-reject

----------------    -------------    ------------

port-channel 2      Downstream       Disabled

----------------    -------------    ------------

Cisco Employee

Configured domain ID: 0x00(0) (preferred) <<--- is this nor


After changing the domain ID, was a disruptive domain restart performed so that the configured domain will be the current domain ID.?



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Configured domain ID: 0x00(0) (preferred) <<--- is this nor

Hi David,

I didnt change the domain ID on the principal switch. It changed it self to 0 (preferred) from a value of 120 (preferred), after i added an indentical switch switch into the fabric.

This is why i am puzzled with this value and i dont know fi this is a normal thing  to change the Domain ID value to 0 (preferred) on all  the principal switches in NX-OS once you have a VSAN which extends over multiple switches (core-edge switch configuration) ?

The running value of the ID is still 120, so i want to change the configured value back to 120 as well, but i dont know if this is a correct thing to do or not.

any help would be much appreciated.



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