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Convert Eth to FC ports on 5548UP


I would like to know if we can convert any/all Eth fixed ports to pure FC ports on Nexus 5548UP.  I know that we can get a expansion module with FC ports but i would like to know if the fixed can be convered into FC. Do we need any licencing to do that.




Re:Convert Eth to FC ports on 5548UP

You can convert all the ports but you need a license. I think its sold by 8ports increment. There is also a restriction where the fc ports must be defined in a single range starting from the last port of the switch.

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Re:Convert Eth to FC ports on 5548UP

Dominic is correct, you will need to purchase a the FC_FEATURES_PKG license. More information is available here:

To convert a port from eth to fc, use the slot X command. Example:

Nexus# show mod

Mod Ports  Module-Type                      Model                  Status

--- -----  -------------------------------- ---------------------- ------------

<- Slot  48     O2 48X10GE/Modular Supervisor    N5K-C5596UP-SUP        active *

Nexus(config)# slot 1

Nexus(config-slot)# port 47-48 type fc

The switch will have to be reloaded for the change to be applied. please remember to "copy run start" beforehand

And as Dominic mentioned, the ports will have to go in a single range, starting from the last port in that module.

(Edit: and enable 'feature fcoe')

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Re:Convert Eth to FC ports on 5548UP

also to note...

Let's say you put a N55-M16UP GEM card in slot 2 in a N5548UP and you just want FC on that module. You can just 'poweroff module 2' and 'no poweroff module 2' without having to reload the whole thing.

However if you want some of the base port (like Carlo illustrated), then you need to reload the whole box.

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