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Decommission switch in fabric

I have a MDS 9148 running in legacy mode interop mode 2 with a Brocade 4100. It's been working great and all zones are synchronized. I see the Brocade is listed as the principle switch.

I now want to decommission the Brocade, do I need to make the MDS the principle switch first? What's the best way to safely remove the Brocade from the fabric, just disconnect and wipe? For the MDS can I just switch back to native mode using "no vsan <#> interop 2"?

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Decommission switch in fabric

-if there are only 2 switches in fabric. and you remove the one switch(brocade). the other switch shall automatically become principle switch.

else you can check what is the current priority of the switch.

9148# show fcdomain


The local switch is the Principal Switch.

Local switch run time information:

        State: Stable

        Local switch WWN:    20:01:00:0d:ec:2c:54:c1

        Running fabric name: 20:01:00:0d:ec:2c:54:c1

        Running priority: 128 <<<<<<<<<

        Current domain ID: 0x11(17)

Local switch configuration information:

        State: Enabled

        FCID persistence: Enabled

        Auto-reconfiguration: Disabled

        Contiguous-allocation: Disabled

        Configured fabric name: 20:01:00:05:30:00:28:df

        Optimize Mode: Disabled

        Configured priority: 128  <<<<<<<<

        Configured domain ID: 0x00(0) (preferred)

lower the number , higer the priority.

To manually lower the number to make it principle switch:

if you want to change the interop mode of a vsan.

the command is

"no vsan <#> interop 2"

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