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New Member

Disk letter assignement with NT


I have a SN5428 running 2.5.1-k9 version.

I have a NT server with service pak 6a and i-scsi driver 2-1.2

whnw I start disk admin, I see the I-Scsi disk and I assign a letter. Then I start the i-scsi manager and save the boot information.

when I reboot the server, the letter assignement is not saved and i should restart the disk admin and reassign the letter.

What is wrong ? Should I activate some feature in NT to save the letter assignement or is it a problem with the driver ?

Jean-Luc Gugler

New Member

Re: Disk letter assignement with NT

The save boot button in the iSCSI applet should save the drive letters in windows registry under the iscsi service in /parameters/TargetX/DeviceX. You'll see "InquiryData", whose meaning is obvious, and "DosDev" values, which are the drive letters to be assigned in the order of the partitions on that device.

Possibly clearing the configuration and rebooting the server and then go back in and reassign the letters, and then re-save.

New Member

Re: Disk letter assignement with NT


thank you for your help. I do some test and I have a very strange result.

I try to reconfigure lots of time and reassign letter after the reboot. I always lost my drive.

Then, I put the value manually and reboot the server. I finnaly get my drive and all seem to work. But if I try to click on the save boot in o-scsi applet, the value in the registery will be deleted.

After the reboot the drive is lost.

So my conclusion is : If I click on the Saveboot, the InquiryData is saved but not the dosdev. ( i try to just clear and save in the applet to check the registery)

Is it a bug in the applet ?

Jean-Luc Gugler

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