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Do we have an procedure to gracefully shut down the MDS-9513?

Hello All


Do we have an procedure to gracefully shut down the MDS-9513?


Please advise




Cisco Employee

Hi Chetan,

Hi Chetan,


There is no separate command required on MDS switches for a graceful 
shutdown of the MDS switches.
Disengage the power  or down the power source feeding the MDS to 
shutdown the switch.

The MDS has enough RAM memory and does not require any fschk when it 
will power back UP unlike other vendor switches. The MDS is architected 
that way.

As a prudence you can take these measures:

1) Halt I/O or gracefully shutdown the attached servers and hosts

2) After your servers have been halted, follow the shutdown procedures 
for all attached storage devices

3) Other tips to keep in mind if you were running HP-UX or AIX onyour 
servers.  In this case, you would want to make sure that you have turned 
on static
domains and persistent FCIDs prior to powering these servers  down (this 
would insure that hosts and associated storage come back up with the 
same domains and FCIDs.

4) Save your switch configuration by doing "copy run start" as well as 
save your configuration externally to a FTP/TFTP server in case you need 
to restore that back.

After all devices have been shutdown/quiesced, it is okay to simply 
power off the MDS switches.

Best regards,


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