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Enable jumbo frame on Nexus switch

I read following phrase in configuration guide of Nexus 5020

The Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch is a Layer 2 device. This means it does not fragment frames. As a result,

the switch cannot have two ports in the same Layer 2 domain with different maximum transmission units

(MTUs). A per-physical Ethernet interface MTU is not supported. Instead, the MTU is set according to the

QoS classes. You modify the MTU by setting Class and Policy maps.

When you show the interface settings, a default MTU of 1500 is displayed for physical Ethernet interfaces

and a receive data field size of 2112 is displayed for Fibre Channel interfaces

Has anybody configured jumbo frame with above mentioned way ?

New Member

Re: Enable jumbo frame on Nexus switch

Yes, it looks something like this:

policy-map jumbo

class class-default

mtu 9216

policy-map class-default

class class-default

mtu 9216

system qos

service-policy class-default

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Re: Enable jumbo frame on Nexus switch

Deleted reply and posted in LAN Routing and Switching forum

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