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Fabric Manager InBand Mgmt/IPFC/FCIP?

The Fabric Manager documentation indicates that IPFC can be used for in-band Management of other switches.

Is this true when the only ISL connections between the switches are FCIP tunnels?

My experience is telling me the answer is no. VSAN 1 interfaces have been configured on all switches, but Fabric Manager can't do its job unless the mgmt0 interface is available.

Thanks, Craig


Re: Fabric Manager InBand Mgmt/IPFC/FCIP?


Or... you setup IP in your FC network :)



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Re: Fabric Manager InBand Mgmt/IPFC/FCIP?

Common issue here is - you have to make static routing on all switches and point where is default-network (default-gateway) - so on switch that has mgmt0 interface down - use "ip default-gateway X.I.T.Y" where IP is the one from IPFC subnet of the switch that has connectivity to external network.

On the interconnecting switch - default-gateway should point to external router IP - and router has to know (static route on router - and redistributed to any routing protocol you use) that network X.I.T.0/24 is accessible thru interface that MDS is connected to (static route with MDS external IP as next-hop).

and don't forget to enable "ip routing" on all MDS switches - and all switches should have vsanX with IP assigned from this same subnet.

hope that helps.

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Re: Fabric Manager InBand Mgmt/IPFC/FCIP?

Thanks. I'll double check the gateway and IP forwarding settings.

Although, It is currently possible to ping the VSAN 1 interfaces from each of the switches, so I'd guess the proper routing should be correct.

When selecting 'Fabrics' from the Logical Domain panel and viewing the 'Switches' information tab only the mgmt0 interfaces are listed for each switch. It would seem logical that a switch would have to be multi-homed for this to work correctly.

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Re: Fabric Manager InBand Mgmt/IPFC/FCIP?

make sure you can ping all vsan IPs from where you run FM...

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