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Fabric Manager Login fails

I can login to the Cisco Device Manager But not the Fabric Manager and both use the same User ID and password.

Any Thoughts?

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Re: Fabric Manager Login fails

I used to have issues with Fabric Manager where it would just stop working - it would not allow me to login. It was a few years ago. Try bouncing the FM processes and see what happens.

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Re: Fabric Manager Login fails

Is the Fabric Manager service running on the management server ?

Try restarting the service...if FM Server is installed without having service account created...I would suggest to have one...Microsoft GPO removes the permissions on the FM service and thereby when the server is rebooted it never comes up...I generally renter the password and restart the service.

If everything is right...The other thing you need to look at is: You should have the user-id/password combination to be same across all the switches in the fabric.

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Re: Fabric Manager Login fails

Remember, natively, the userid used on the switch itself holds it password-setting as set/configured on the switch (or radius) itself.

The (master) userid/password on FabricManager is configured individually & separately in the associated (HSQL/PG/Oracle) database.

Thought the userids (switch & FM access) could be the same value these are not to be related as such.


You can opt for a DB reset , access and reset the password or retrieve & disassemble the password from the database, alternatively you could add a new (already encrypted) password into the Database and gain access. Alternatively, configure, interconnect & restart Fabricmanager to a Radius server which have userid authentication/authorisation with " network-operator" priveliges. 2nd alternative, (re)start FabriManager in switch authentication mode and thus use the userids/role-values as set in the switch.

If this all doesn't make sense to you and FabricManager contains no important data (like performance), go for the documented database RESET.

Good luck !!!

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