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Fabric Manager won't Start

I upgraded to 3.1(2a) and then I reinstalled Fabric Manger and Device Manager. Fabric Manager won't start, error is "Unable to connect to server! Admin login from failed". Device Manager is fine.

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Re: Fabric Manager won't Start

I am just wondering if FM is actually running. Perhaps after the installation, it has not properly started. On my Solaris system, I could check with status (or something like that). I had a number of issues with FM (and SNMP) and got quite used to restarting it.

Have a look at:



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Re: Fabric Manager won't Start

I am running into the same situation but with FM(3.0.2a) on a Windows Server 2003. We are using Citrix for FM client login. Looking at the windows services FM server services is in running status. The second login attempt would work, not sure why?

When log in locally via windows remote desktop connection we get these error dialogs "ERROR Open Fabric - Fabric Manager 3.0(2a) Error in register for events: Connection refused to host: 10.1.x.x;nested exception Connection timed out: connect


NoSuchOject: no such object in table

After clear these dialogs the second attempt with work.

I can see login issues from remote client but even locally on the server? Any suggestions?


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Re: Fabric Manager won't Start

I recently upgraded from 3.0.3 to 3.1.2a and I found that you must first login to the local FM server with default user account = admin, default password = password. Next, connect to your seed switch for the Fabric and login in with (admin, your password).

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