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Fabric Merged

Hi All,,

I need your expert suggestion on how do i get rid of the fabric merging situation on my Fabrics.Below is a short description of my environment..

We have 2 Fabrics in our environment namely FAB A and FAB B, we have been running on this for the past couple of years now, Last weekend i noticed on my FM that the 2 fabrics have merged.. Under the FM view i could only see Fabric A having all the zonesets discovered for FAB B as well, can't really firgure out what went wrong..whenever i try to dicover fabric B on FM it says it has discovered as FAB A.

your help  in this regards is highly appreciated.




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Re: Fabric Merged

The VSANs haven't necessarily merged. I think what's going on is there is some path between all your switches. Maybe a transit VSAN or VSAN1 (I think down just means no active zoneset so it might still merge). So basically when you discovered Fab A it also found Fab B.

An easy way to check this would be to click on KIM_EMC_VSAN_20_A. Are only switches you expect to see listed there? Then when you click on a B fabric is it correct?

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Re: Fabric Merged

Hi hershal,

Thanks for your reply...When the problem occured last week, i did see a message stating VSAN1 is mergerd, i then suspended VSAN 1 on all the switches, the message was then gone..

I did click on individual VSAN's and could see the switches which are inteded to be there..Nothing unusual there...



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