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FC/FCoE from N5k to UCS/FI

I'm working on a new Data Center design, which very closely matches the hardware in the following document:

I'll have SANs directly attached to the N5k's, with UCS/FI where we are planning to utilize FCoE downstream to the UCS/FI environment.

Now, what I am curious about, is why in the above document (Which was updated in June 2013) there is a seperate FCoE port channel and another ethernet vPC. I am curious behind the reasoning behind this. Is there a limitation with FCoE over vPC links or is just a matter of keeping the traffic from fabric A away from fabic B?

Also I am assuming the document has an FCoE port-channel as opposed to a san-port-channel is for the additional throughput of 10Gb FCoE as opposed to the 8Gb FC links.

I see the disclaimer note about the 2x seperate links and the FI operating in NPIV mode from the FC perspective that just isn't not helping me.


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FC/FCoE from N5k to UCS/FI

Hello Stephen,

One of the reason on why FCoE over vPC ( between UCS and N5K ) is not supported is that UCS currently allows all VSANs on all uplinks and cannot be pruned.



Re: FC/FCoE from N5k to UCS/FI

Makes sense, I was thinking that was the case. Thank you for the verification.

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