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FCoE Support in MDS?

Cisco has released the Supervisor-2A for the MDS:

This supports FCoE, but with what modules?  Does anyone have any information on what modules support FCoE, how to configure it, and anything regarding interopability with FCoE gear that exists today (CNA's, storage, etc).


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Re: FCoE Support in MDS?

Along with Sup2a, there will be a new 10Gig FCoE line card for FCoE on MDS.  With MDS NOT being a IP/ethernet capable switch, the FCoE linecard on MDS is targeted for Unified Fabric connectivity, not Unified I/O. So you can terminate FCoE connections from a Nexus 5000 onto a MDS and have your native fiber channel storage on the MDS.

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Re: FCoE Support in MDS?

Thanks for the reply.

I am assuming Cisco has not yet announced this, the documentation eludes to there being a FCoE module but it doesn't give specific models and what is required.  I think its unfortunate that a Sup2A may be required and that somehow the Sup2 can't be used with this new module.

I am assuming although the MDS is not doing unified I/O, the end points FCoE traffic will terminate on the MDS not the Nexus 5k correct? 


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