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FN 63132 - SAN OS Version needed

Within this field notice it states that: "The m9500-sup2dimm-gplug-mz.3.4.1.bin utility will run on SAN-OS Release 3.x running on Supervisor 2 modules." However when I issue the load bootflash:m9500-sup2dimm-gplug-mz.3.4.1.bin I get the following error message:

Loading plugin version 3.4(1)
Incompatible with running image version 3.3(4a)

Our supervisor modules are: DS-X9530-SF2-K9

Anyone else have an issue checking to see if they potentially have a bad DIMM in their supervisor modules?

New Member

Re: FN 63132 - SAN OS Version needed

This Field Notice was just updated about a month ago.

There are 4 ways to find out if your DIMM's are part of the FN.

1.)  What you're doing is correct and should work

2.)  Use FM 3.4.1z and use the TOOL, then DIMM Check Report

3.)  Visually inspect the DIMM's by putting the supervisor into "out-of-service" mode and pulling out the sup.

4.)  None of these worked for me as we were already at 4.1.1b looking at upgrading when I found this FN.  I

     opened a case with TAC and they gave me 2 commands to run via the CLI to let us know if we were impacted

     by this FN.  I don't know if the commands will work on SAN-OS 3.x and I can't recall the exact commands at

     this time but it was something like    show module 6    and     show environment module 6.   When I get back

     to the office I'll see if I can find the email that I got from TAC with these commands.


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